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    As more and more businesses open up opportunities between countries, entrepreneurs have a lot of resources available to them. Business visas are an opportunity for entrepreneurs to expand their business into other countries with a short stay VISA. These visas allow you to work as an entrepreneur while developing your company's exports in other regions.

    A visa is an authorization that country issues to a visitor, allowing them to enter, stay in, or depart that country. A visa must always be granted entrance permission by an immigration official at the time of the actual entry and is subject to revoke at any time.

    What is a Business Visa?

    A Business Visa is needed for an individual if they want to enter the country for the sole purpose of conducting business, whether that be investments, trade & development, or even if they want to establish a branch of their company. People must get a Business Visa in order to engage in any activity that leads to the creation of a profitable business, including study, research, contact, negotiation, supply, and buying. When an individual wish to travel abroad on business, such as for sales or contact purposes on behalf of a corporation outside of their home country, they are granted a business visa.

    Foreign nationals in the following categories are eligible for a business visa:

    Foreign nationals who come to the country to start an industrial or commercial firm or to look into possibilities for starting one.

    To buy or sell durable goods for sale to consumers or businesses.
    Attend board meetings and general meetings to assist business services talks and technical meetings.
    For the aim of hiring personnel.
    Those who work as directors for the company or who are partners in the business.
    For assistance with exhibitions, to attend exhibitions, trade shows, business fairs, etc.
    Buyers who travel to a location in a certain country to conduct business with suppliers or potential suppliers, as well as to evaluate or monitor quality, provide specifications, place orders, negotiate more supplies, etc. relating to products or services produced in the native country.
    Foreign experts/specialists on a short visit in connection with an ongoing project with the aim of observing the work's progress, holding client meetings, or/offering some high-level technical advice.
    Foreign nationals visiting a specific nation for pre-sales activities that do not actually result in the completion of any project or contract.
    AIESEC sponsors international students for project-based internships in businesses and industries.
    Senior management from the companies, specialists, tour guides, travel agents, etc. visiting for work related to projects of national importance, including those done by public sector undertakings and performing business tours.

    Conditions To Grant For Business Visa

    Those who are applying for a business visa must be in good financial standing and have sufficient proof of all finance as well as knowledge of the prospective business, as they will be required to check before the visa is granted.
    The foreign national should not be traveling to India to engage in the business of lending money, operating a small business or trade, or work full-time there, among other things.
    The foreign national must also adhere to all other regulations, such as paying any outstanding taxes.

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      What is the Time Duration of a Business Visa?

      A business visa with multiple entry privileges may be issued for up to 5 years, or for a lesser time depending on the situation.

      What are the Documents Required for a Business Visa?

      Every country has its own Visa requirements. Here are the documents required for a business visa.

      • You’ll need a passport from the country you are residing in.
      • Proof of financial security-This can vary depending on your nationality and the country hosting you.
      • A letter of invitation from a government, businesses or non-governmental orgaization in the country where you need to be hosted.
      • A photocopy of the page of your passport showing the visa.
      • 2 passport-size photos.

      What is the Procedure for a Business Visa?

      • Register for an account. Complete the online registration form.
      • Pay the visa fee online
      • You need to pay a healthcare surcharge as part of your application.
      • Print out your form. Book and attend an appointment at a Visa Application Center.
      • You will have to submit your fingerprints and a photo at the application center.

      What is the Business Visa Processing Fee?

      The business visa processing fee is the amount that one has to pay for getting their visa processed. The Business Visa Processing fee is a service charge that an individual has to pay when their visa is processed. The cost of processing a visa varies with the type of visa and the applicant’s nationality. The Business Visa Processing Fee for citizens of Canada & Australia is $155 USD.