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Requirements, How to Apply, Fees of Dependent Visa.

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    A Dependent Visa allows families to travel abroad together, allowing spouses and children to accompany a family member.

    With this type of visa, the individual can stay in the host country for as long as their family member’s visa remains valid. Dependent visas allow families to stay together, even when one family member has to move abroad for work or other reasons.

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    With a dependent visa, the dependents can:

    Travel and explore with the primary applicant/family.
    In certain cases, studying at an educational institution can be beneficial. Work can be either temporary or permanent. depending on the circumstances.

    Points To Consider For a Dependent Visa

    International students who graduated from designated learning institutions are eligible for the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program.
    If you are a child, Spouse, Student, or relative.
    A passport and marriage certificate must be valid.
    Additional documents may be required to establish a partnership.
    Dependent children must have a birth certificate in order to be legally recognized.
    The sponsor must provide proof of funds through bank statements.
    Documents needed for immigration: medical test results and proof of employment.

    Types Of Dependent Visas

    Dependent visas can be either temporary or permanent depending on the situation.

    • A temporary dependent visa: A temporary dependent visa is a type of visa that allows individuals to stay in a foreign country for a limited period of time. This type of visa is typically used by family members or dependents of an individual who has been granted permanent residence in a foreign country. It allows family members or dependents to visit, study, or work in the country for a specific amount of time. The length of the stay depends on the individual's circumstances and the laws of the host country. With this type of visa, individuals can enjoy all the benefits associated with living in another country without having to worry about overstaying their welcome.
    • A permanent dependent visa: A permanent dependent can provide the holder with the right to live, work and study in a particular country. This type of visa is typically available to family members or other dependents of a person who has been granted permanent residence in that country. With this type of visa, the holder can remain in the host country indefinitely and enjoy all the benefits associated with permanent residency.

    In either case, these visas allow family members to stay in the foreign country with their relative who holds the main visa.

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      Eligibility Requirements

      To apply for a Dependent Visa, applicants must meet certain requirements such as eligibility criteria and evidence of financial support.

      A passport is required for application.
      The sponsor must have sufficient financial means to support dependents.
      The sponsor must provide evidence of work and income.
      Medical exams and proof of insurance coverage for family members are required.
      Application and fee submitted.


      What is a Dependent Visa?

      A dependent visa is a type of visa that allows the family member of an individual who has been granted a work or residence permit to join them in the country.

      What type of questions are asked in a Dependent visa interview ?

      The questions asked by the interviewer can vary depending on the type of visa being applied for and the country issuing it. However, there are some common questions that are asked during a dependent visa interview. These include questions about family, employment, financial status, educational background, and travel history.

      Can a dependent visa be rejected?

      There are certain circumstances where the application can be rejected such as failure to meet eligibility criteria, insufficient income, incomplete documentation, and health issues.

      What are the advantages of a Dependent visa?

      The advantage of having a dependent visa is that it offers many benefits such as access to healthcare, education, employment opportunities, and more.

      Is there a need for IELTS with a Dependent visa?

      This requirement is typically only necessary for those who are not native English speakers or who come from countries where English is not widely spoken. 

      Is it possible to study with a Dependent visa?

      With a dependent visa, you can pursue educational opportunities in the country where your visa was issued. Depending on the type of visa and the country issuing it, there may be restrictions on what type of study you can do or how long you can stay in the country. It is important to research the laws and regulations for your specific situation before beginning any educational program. With careful planning and understanding of the requirements, studying with a dependent visa is possible and opens up many educational opportunities.